Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Counting Down

I am moving closer to beginning my personal experiment  of Van Winkling myself and cutting all ties to the happenings on Planet Earth.

When that day arrives there will be no news, weather, sports and entertainment for me.

Is It Just Me? Not Exactly...

With the clock ticking and the sands trickling through the hour glass, I am aware that I'm not involved in anything particularly original. Consider the following:

  • There's a man right now who is trying to live for a year solely on coupons, no cash or credit cards.
  • There's the man who a while back spent an extremely demanding year "living biblically."
  • There's that whole thing that started out as a woman making another delicious French meal in the kitchen and it turned into a "blook" (i.e., a blog morphed into a book) and then a movie that was a hit at the box office.
  • And my brother just said, Oh what you're doing is like that woman who gave up sex for a year and I saw her on CNN plugging her new book about it.

Well, yeh, sort of, kind of.

I hate gimmicks and it sounds like a special species of gimmick to claim that Van Winkling myself for exactly a year isn't like what all those others who sought sympathetic audiences, publishing contracts, fame or who knows what particular form of aggrandizement.

You'll have to trust me. I really want to do this. Have a nice long "snooze." For my own sake.