Precautions/Unsafe Texts

To avoid learning about what is going on in the world I will:

  • Ask friends and colleagues to help by not mentioning news in my presence or in their emails to me 
  • Leave the newspaper in its plastic wrapper after I retrieve it from the front lawn each morning, let my wife and son be the sole readers of it, then have them hide it in the garage for me to peruse at the conclusion of this project 
  • Collect the mail without noticing what’s on the cover of Newsweek or any other magazine we subscribe to 
  • Stay away from television at home and anywhere else there’s a screen 
  • Change my Internet browser’s home page to something benign and bland or outright misleading (The Onion per chance?) 
  • Walk the other direction if I hear individuals engaged in animated discussion about something that’s happened 
  • Keep my eyes on the gum and candy in checkout lines rather than letting them wander in the direction of People, US, etc. 
  • Not allow myself to be sucked in by the crawl at the bottom of TV screens in the airport or in retail establishments
  • Listen only to CDs, not the radio, when I'm riding in the car
  • Have my son moderate all comments before they are posted to this blog to make sure no spoilers leak out