Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tribute to Catalog Living - Part 1

Since in my Van Winkled state I'm not supposed to take in information about new products, our mail box, which is stuffed Monday through Saturday with staple bound, pre-Christmas enticements, presents a special problem.

I miss those catalogues even as I trek out to the garage and dump them, unread, into the recyling bin. They say to me in deep inks and bright images, Let's imagine...

A Discovery on the Web
I was intrigued when a friend wrote on her blog about a website she'd discovered that uses home decor-slash-lifestyle catalogs as a point of departure for some skewed re-envisionings.

The author creates in caption form the life of an invisible couple named Gary and Elaine. The couple lives in a house that is furnished by the sometimes eccentric designers at Pottery Barn, Wisteria, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Plow and Hearth and so on.

I enjoy this website. It's funny. To me anyway. Others' experience may vary. However, those who wish to see for themselves can go to Catalog Living.

My One-Off Tribute
Imitation, as the world knows, is the sincerest form of flattery. As long as I'm not allowed to read catalogues, I thought I'd have fun with an old one I have lying around and pay homage to Catalog Living. All images in this first of a two-part series are taken from the August CB2 (Crate and Barrel 2) catalogue. - V.W.

Augustus wanted to believe it was just Helga's peripatetic taste in decor when the suitcases appeared at the foot of the bed, but he couldn't help thinking of her long-lasting struggle with commitment which had first begun to manifest itself when she leaped from the window of the honeymoon suite in Cozumel.

After a couple of carafes of Chablis followed by shots of single malt Scotch whiskey, Penelope and Amadeus liked to enjoy a robust game of Wine Bottle Darts in the living room.

The wallboard was wet. The mold appeared. One makes lemonade out of lemons. Helga and August color coordinated appropriately. Sweet dreams!


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