Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Black Out

Still Life With Flat Screen Unplugged, 2010
Last night our son made me feel good about being Van Winkled. He emerged at 6 p.m. from the Williams-Couric-Sawyer-Major Pharmaceutical Companies half-hour and slammed the door on the TV room.

"What a waste of time!"

Apparently not much happened on our planet yesterday. He also said the feature stories "sucked."

At that point I started trying to cheat. I asked, "So since I started this project nothing very momentous has occurred?"

"Well," he hesitated, knowing very well what I was up to. "Let's just say there's only been one thing. We would have definitely talked about it over dinner. Then that would have been it."

He clammed up. I started to obsess. What could this bit of news I missed have been? He reminded me. He's saving the info for me in a file on the desktop of my computer. He's labeled it "Daddy No-No". And guess what. Until Sept. 11, 2011, it will be password protected.

"It's a long password, Dad."

Let's see:  aa29ry8ab0

Or:   g2r2weqa129p?

Or could it be: 1whya4qw-don't0-you98a09[0just-0-give07up?


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